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25 Things About Me

  1. I much prefer fluorescent light to sunlight.  My office has a big window; I keep the blinds closed.  I prefer gloomy, rainy days to sunny days.
  2. I care very little about clothes.  I have 6 or 8 identical pairs of black pants for work, 10 or so pairs of black socks, and about 15 polo shirts that I cycle through as they are worn and cleaned..  That and a pair of black loafers are my work "uniform".  Even on casual Fridays I wear the same thing; it's just easier.  Not to say that I purposely wear ridiculous clothes, I just am not to worried about being fashionable.
  3. I am an unashamed Robert Heinlein fanboi.  Rationally, I understand some of his work, especially the late stuff, is a bit "over the top".  However, rationality is not welcome on this topic.
  4. I am very routine-oriented.  When I get home, I change and get my work clothes ready in the bathroom for the next morning.  My morning, shower, etc always the same way.
  5. I am geographically challenged.  To put it another way, I can get lost quite easily.  When I have to go to a site, I usually MapQuest it and even then I can manage to spend extra time wandering around until I eventually get there.
  6. I dislike jewelry [for myself] in general, and gold jewelry specifically.  My watch and wedding band are both titanium, and that is all the jewelry I wear, unless you count my glasses, which are silver colored as well.
  7. Speaking of glasses, I have tried contacts twice and just can't do it.  First of all, the process of poking yourself in the eyes is too hard for me to deal with.  Secondly [and weirdly given the statement I just made] I rub my eyes all the damn time, and that feels odd when wearing contacts, and I was afraid I would move them to some irretrievable location.
  8. I work 7am-4pm.  Most of the people in the office make a joke about the fact that I leave right at 4 almost every day.  I just feel like I am on my own time, and being at work is not something I do for fun, so why be here any longer than I need.  Of course, when needed, I do stay late, or take the long drive to Ruston or Lake Charles.  I don't complain about the long days, so I see no need to justify leaving on time.
  9. I have taken ballroom dance lessons for almost two years now.  Some people make a bit of fun about it, but most of them are genuinely impressed that I can dance.  I think most guys would like to be able to move around the floor gracefully with a woman in their arms, if they could get over the "it's not manly" thing.
  10. I have a level 80 feral druid [Night Elf] in World of Warcraft.  I have been playing for around 3 years and have never leveled any alt higher than 30.  In fact, I deleted them all and played my druid exclusively until about three weeks ago when I started a death knight.  Since I was able to start him at 55 it is not so bad.  He is level 65 right now.
  11. I often take the long but sure way of doing things, whether it is driving somewhere, or some task.  I often find that shortcuts which are out of my normal routine cause me problems, so I just stick with what I know.
  12. I use a Filofax for my calendar and to-do lists.  I have gone through many iterations [being an office supply junkie] even electronic ones, but I have gone back to the A5 size Filofax, which was always my favorite.  I had to order it from the UK site which entailed assuring my credit card company that it was a valid charge.
  13. I fell for a phishing email once.  I realized this literally twelve seconds afterwards and canceled the card within minutes.  I still feel stupid about that.
  14. I wrote several stories for Dargonzine years ago.  Dargonzine was one of the first online ezine/writing groups and is still around.  It is a shared-world zine, and some of the guys [and gals] there are pretty good. 
  15. I am starting to get interested in bridge.  The bidding process with its compact, open yet coded, communication about hand composition and strength fascinates me.  The Louisiana Bridge Club building is actually right across the street from where we often go to dance.
  16. I don't like the general populace that much.
  17. I used to read all the time.  My dad has a picture of me somewhere walking down the street avoiding a lamp post while reading a book.  Since taking up poker 5 or 6 years ago, and then World of Warcraft I don't read nearly as much.  I gave up poker after playing pretty much all my free time for a couple years.  I gave up WoW for about 6 months while trying a few other games, but got sucked back in with the expansion.  I read around 950-1000 words per minute.  I took a couple tests while at college.  Comprehension was around 90+%.  Somehow I guess those radio ads about "read 10 books in the time it normally takes to read 1" would not do me much good.
  18. I married my wife 4 months after meeting her.  26 years later we are still together.
  19. I am one of the older people who learned to type on a real typewriter, so I still add two spaces after the end of a sentence.
  20. My mother died when I was 8 years old.  I can't even really remember what she looked like without the aid of a picture.  I can't remember very much at all about my childhood.  Probably some sort of coping mechanism, but it has carried into adult life, and I have a very hard time remembering things like where I lived 5 years ago, or what my first car was [no clue].  I can remember trivia and song titles, but not my life.  Strange.
  21. One of my brothers [I am the oldest child of four] is an alcoholic.  He has seizures which were brought on as the result of being catapulted through his windshield one night while driving drunk.  He smokes and continues to drink even though the alcohol diminishes the effect of the medicine he takes for the seizures.  We rarely talk.
  22. My mother was adopted.  According to my dad she was molested by her adopted dad.  Her adopted brother was bipolar, although it was called manic-depressive at the time.  According to one of my aunts I was my mother's best friend.
  23. My sister is really my half-sister.  My [future alcoholic] brother was snooping in my dad's desk and came across some paperwork.  Apparently priests aren't gelded when ordained, just told to be good boys.  Apparently my mother liked not-good boys.  My dad sent my sister to CA when I was around 10 or 11 to live with an "aunt and uncle", who were friend of the family type aunt and uncle, not blood.  She stayed there and was adopted by them.  My dad thought it was best for her to not live in a house of 4 men with no female role model.  She resented that and I probably haven't talked to her twice in 25 years.
  24. My dad came out when I was in college.  My other [non]alcoholic] brother is a macho man, and barely tolerates my dad. 
  25. Despite the above [or because of it?] I am a reasonably happy guy.  I have a good marriage.  I have a beautiful daughter who has a husband she loves, and I have a beautiful granddaughter.  I have a good job.  I can afford to eat well.  I can afford to play games on the internet.  Life is good.
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