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Free books

Yesterday I downloaded and read the free e-version of Hal SpaceJock 1 by Simon Haynes, available here.  I also picked up the free e-version of Patriot Witch by Charles Finlay, available at ccfinlay 's home page.

Hal Spacejock was a quick, fun read.  The pace was almost a bit too frenetic for me, as all the action takes place in about one day.  However, there were lots of subtle [and not-so-subtle] gags and puns that brought a smile to my face.  I might not have bought this in paperback, as humorous genre books can be a bit hit or miss, but for free it was a no brainer.  And he will be offering books 2-4 as low cost digital versions by the end of the month, so I will be grabbing those as well.

Patriot Witch reminded me of Card's Alvin novels, at least initially.  Obviously, FInlay knows the history of the era, and blends the Salem witches into it nicely.  The characterization is pretty good, although Nance is slightly too much of a Bond-style bad guy.  I really enjoyed this one, and will be looking for the others when they come out in May and June.

I do like the trend to e-books.  I am this close to picking up a Kindle, since the Plastic Logic Reader won't be out until early to mid 2010.  I also like the e-versions because I can read them on my computer at work without anyone being the wiser!  Kudos to these two authors for taking a chance on the e-versions.  In this case, you got yourself a couple sales when the new ones come out.
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