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Children of Amarid

I am very late to this series, but finally picked up David Coe's[[info]davidbcoe] first LonTobyn novel, Children of Amarid.

I enjoyed this one.  I will be picking up the other two in this trilogy.  There was some sense that the two new mages were a bit more powerful than was probably realistic.  However, upon reflection, they did not really do major magics, but the visions people had of them being very powerful later were slightly offputting.

I liked the magic system and would have liked more explication about the reasons owl masters are more powerful than hawk mages, and some more background on eagle mages.  In addition, one of the powerful old mages was bound to a wolf, but in the thousand year history of the Order, no one else bound to another animal?

At first the writing around the bad guy's identity, and later confusion about different suspects turned me off, but Coe kept it reasonably short and revealed things to his characters in good time.

Good stuff, and after this series I will likely pick up some of the other ones he has come out with more recently.

[I have mostly recovered from my third major cold of the last 6 months.  This, after years and years of never getting a cold.  Ugh.]

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