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Obligatory Star Trek blather

Overall, I enjoyed the movie.  The way they rebooted the franchise was palatable enough, and now they have pretty much a clean slate to work with from here on out.  I will certainly go see the next one.

The thing I liked most [as most people seemed to] was the old characters portrayed by new actors.  Honestly, Kirk was by far the weakest of the bunch.  Bones was amazing, Uhura, Spock, and Sulu weren't bad, Chekov and Scotty were slightly over the top.

Plot holes were enormous.  The thing most disconcerting to me was the promotion of Kirk to captaincy of this huge vessel directly from cadet status.  Totally not believable.  No explanation, even of the most outlandish sort, for red matter.  The acceptance and acquiescence of the crew of this group of toddlers taking command and control of their ship.  Not going to happen.

Not to say the old series and movies did not have their issues, so I guess I can let most of it go.  Another plus is that this will bring more folks to appreciate the Star Trek universe, although I am sure the purists will generally shun the newbs, as is often the case when fringe groups get pulled back to the mainstream.
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